More than a flower service

A Little Story About us

More than a flower service
Looking for a fast, flexible and reliable wholesale supplier of flowers? Welcome to Rewi Flowers, a Dutch fresh flower service. For over twenty years, Rewi Flowers supplies florists in the UK with high quality Dutch cut flowers. In a big lorry, stocked with a great assortment of beautiful fresh flowers, Rewi Flowers weekly drives through London and the Midlands and stops by on demand.

Web shop
But Rewi Flowers is more than a fresh flower supplier. In our comprehensive online shop, Rewi Flowers offers a big assortment with over 5000 diverse floristry supplies. Here, we offer exotics, plants and sundries, as well as the latest trends. And of course, we always adjust to the time of year. Not only with the seasons, we also keep the national holidays in mind. Every mother’s day, Halloween, Valentine and Christmas you will find great floristry supplies in our web shop.

From virtual to reality

In just a click

This free application is especially designed for UK florists, so they can easily order fresh cut flowers, exotics, plants and accessories. Just go to the App-store on your iPhone or Android and download the Rewi Flowers free app. This convenient application will definitely save you time and effort.


What we do

Rewi Flowers is a Dutch flower exporter, which was founded over twenty years ago. The founder is René Steijn, who has lived between greenhouses his whole life. Not only does he have extensive knowledge about the flower industry, he also has great fondness for the United Kingdom. With great passion, Rene Steijn always does his utmost to deliver his customers the best deals for price and quality.

Walk in, choose and buy. With this simple cash and carry system, our shop on wheels supplies many quality florists in and around London and the Midlands on a weekly basis. The flower stock in our lorry is continuously updated with fresh Dutch cut flowers, which are always competitively priced. This is how we save our clients time, effort, and money. For over twenty years, Rewi Flowers has proven to be a reliable and flexible flower partner. Florists who prefer ordering flowers online are welcome to visit our web shop. Beside exotics, plants, sundries and plants, it’s also possible to choose from our assortment of fresh cut flowers.


We Create Stories

For Supermarkets, Farmshops or a shop in shop retail units, we can with our local flowerman concepts organize a very representive flower and plant corner with high quality products ready to sell system. All flowers will be delivered in water with a price ticket and barcode.

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